Our Mission

Creating environments for young professionals to network and grow.

We deliver fun and interactive social events to develop relationships and provide engaging workshops, connections, and opportunities to foster personal and professional development. 

Your Executive

2017: We started

Our Journey

MYPN was started by two guys at a pub asking the question, “How do we meet more young people”. They both had their own businesses, and there were no organisations around which connected young people to grow their networks. This question was asked in 2015 and with the help of Destination Manawatu, MYPN was formed and launched that year. We became an incorporated society and membership body in 2017 and have been growing since.

  • Salon 01

  • Salon 02

  • Salon 03

  • Brooke Carter


  • Latham Lockwood

    Vice – President

  • Lauren Mitchell

    Social Events Co-Ordinator

  • blake lee


  • Lucy Burt

    Secretary / Treasurer

  • Nicola Johnston

    social media

We are looking for more to join our executive… even if you’ve never been on a board before, we’d love to chat!

Open Roles

  • General Member
  • Website¬†
  • Event Co-Ordinator¬†

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