About Us

We are a network for young professionals

in Manawatu

MYPN is a networking group for young professionals based in the Manawatu. The network has been established to provide education and social opportunities for young professionals in the region to meet, learn and socialize with other like-minded people.


We host a range of different events that will provide inspirational, educational and eye-opening experiences for all that attend. These events range from factory site visits, investment presentations, health & well-being workshop, and many more.

Monthly Drinks

Who’s that fun looking guy in the business club? Get to know who’s around you by joining our monthly drinks get-together.


Part of our mission is to develop the young professionals of our region. We aim to achieve it through a series of workshops.

Benefits to Members

We partner and collaborate with local organisations to offer discounts and premium access to various services in our region.

Come along to one of our events!